About Us

Our Mission

To provide and promote flexible, responsive and exacting federal government support.

What Makes Us Unique?

Workers Compensation Center LLC (“WCC”)  established in 2009 is a small, woman-owned business located in Northern Virginia, in close proximity to our Federal clients.  We are a firm with a nationwide reach and firmly rooted experience in the healthcare field, program integrity, workers compensation, quality control and performance management.   Our lines of business are:  Healthcare Program Integrity and Benefit Validations , Federal Workers Compensation Programs and Federal Business to Business Consulting.

Our healthcare work, the fastest growing segment, is focused on providing fraud prevention, statistical and data analysis, medical claims review and program integrity support for Medicare prime contractors. Our legacy is our Centralized Federal Workers Compensation Claims Processing Center that provides program support for Federal agencies and comprehensive case management for federal employees with job-related injuries and illnesses related to the Federal Employee’s Compensation Act  (FECA). WCC’s business to business consulting arm provides assistance to firms entering the Federal contracting marketplace.

Program Integrity & Benefit Payment Validations

A company strong in proven techniques for early fraud detection and claims quality assurance.  WCC provides services that support CMS Prime Contractors in the areas of Medicare/Medicaid claim and coding reviews, data analysis and fraud investigations as well as related IT systems security and network engineering.

Our Centralized Claims Processing Center is located in Annandale, Virginia and provides services to employees from a number of our Federal Agency clients.    We have been able to improve Agencies’ program performance and have developed an outstanding reputation in the industry by achieving savings and providing outstanding customer service to injured/ill employees and agency management.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Program

Federal Business to Business Consulting

WCC provides organizations with support and solutions in areas such as accounting, human resources, internal quality management and training.


The federal government landscape requires organizations to understand its ever increasing complexity. Healthcare, one of the biggest components of the federal budget, requires proven expertise to manage its rigorous regulatory demands.

Working with agencies and clients to help them stay on track with their goals, securing beneficiaries privacy, establishing adaptive and appropriate information technology and leading quality assurance implementations, are just some of the mission critical actions that drive WCC.   We are proud to embrace tax payer stewardship as a core value of WCC and promote these values to other firms.